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New York: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Swing 46, United Nations and Sweet Chick

I first saw the Manhattan skyline as we drove in and I looked out of my window to the right I saw lady Liberty herself. My driver playing 80’s disco funk, with a cracked wing mirror, as we started driving there was immediate road rage as he got out the car to argue with another… Continue reading New York: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Swing 46, United Nations and Sweet Chick

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New York: Queensbridge

There was one place in New York City I couldn't leave without visiting, the iconic: Queensbridge housing projects - home of Nasir Jones and many of my other favorite Rap artists from Queens. The origins of the sound I love so dearly was founded and developed, this was where the soundtrack to my childhood came… Continue reading New York: Queensbridge

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The Birthplace of Hip Hop : New York City

It's every Hip Hop fan’s dream is to visit the birthplace of Hip Hop - NEW YORK CITY. After years of waiting for 'the right time' I was finally here. Excited, a friend hooked me up with a seat on the HUSH TOURS which lead me to visit major sites for the creation and the… Continue reading The Birthplace of Hip Hop : New York City

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San Francisco – Alcatraz Island

Being in San Francisco meant I was close to Alcatraz Island so I had to make the trip. Only 1.25 miles offshore from the bay, I took a ferry from pier 33 to this infamous small island which served as a military and federal prison up until 1963 and has now been turned into a… Continue reading San Francisco – Alcatraz Island

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Angela Davis in Conversation

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world" - Angela Davis What better way to spend International Women’s Day than in conversation with Angela Davis at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Influential political activist, academic and author, Angela has been an inspiration to millions, including myself by per participation… Continue reading Angela Davis in Conversation

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South San Francisco, Union Square & Bay Area

CALIFORNIA - Home of start-up tech companies such as Google and Amazon and the renowned silicon valley the global center for technological innovations. South San Francisco located in the Bay area of Cali is also the world home to several biotech companies such as Genentech and DNA profiling company 23&Me, this is where the future… Continue reading South San Francisco, Union Square & Bay Area