Resistance continues at Al Khan Al Ahmar

A few words by human rights activist Abdallah Abu Rahma alongside British – Israeli human rights activist Angela Godfrey-Goldstein on resisting the demolition of the Bedouin village of Khan Al-Ahmar. Various Palestinian and International activists had been camping out in the village to protest in forms of non-violent resistance by placing their bodies in front of bulldozers and resisting skunk water. I found this really moving, Abdallah says they just want an education for their children and to save their lives which have been disrupted by the occupation. Bedouins are often highly educated, some are doctors and lawyers but they by choice want to live a simple life in the desert. He goes on to say there has never been any animosity towards Israelis or the Jewish people, they simply want to co-exist together in peace. In fact, when I arrived at the village, a few Jewish Israeli human rights activists had just been arrested by the Israeli military. #stopdemolishingalkhanahmar

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