Oakland, California

I took the Bartt train from Powell St station to Lake Meritt only a 20 minute train ride to Oakland, home of the Black Panthers.  

Visited the Oakland Museum of California which was only a 5 minute walk from the station.   This museum was really diverse, and there was an exhibition on about fossils found in California.

I love this map at the front of the museum as it explored migration and where people had come from.

A lot of very interesting exhibits about revolution and movements although this was not covered as much as I had expected there were a few iconic photos such as that of the Black Panther Party.

This exhibit really caught my eye, a road sign on the interstate which warned drivers of immigrants crossing the border from Mexico, crazy to think this was a real sign.

 I met an old friend for dinner at trendy MUA, a very quirky restaurant which looked like it was a converted warehouse with quirky artwork everywhere that had a slight serial killer vibe as in this is where you would be hidden if you were ever kidnapped. The crowd was young and hip, probably working in the tech business. The menu was really good, the vegan Mac n’Cheese was highly recommended and it lived up to the hype.   On the way back the sky became covered in crows?!

I asked for a straw for my mocktail to which I received the reply, ‘it’s the first of the month’, which left me confused but my friend informed me there was a new ban on plastic straws beginning this month. An honorable initiative I thought but it did mean I couldn’t finish my peach mojito and it was REALLY nice.   A lot to do and take in in South San Francisco, I never got to go to the Golden Gate Bridge but I’ll be back.  

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