North America

New York: Empire State Building, B.B Kings, Intrepid Sea, Air + Space Museum, Ground Zero + 9/11 Museum and Trump Towers

Empire State Building

I took the elevator to the windy 86th-floor open deck observatory of this famous 102 storey tall skyscraper which is a well known New York landmark. Even with windchill at -14 degrees Celsius! This iconic view of the NYC skyline was stunning.

B.B Kings Blues Club : George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

So happy I got to experience the vibe in B.B Kings just off Times Square which has now sadly closed down. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd was all vibing to the funk I was taken back in time to how things used to be. A very friendly crowd in what must have been a sold-out show, George Clinton graced the stage like a King!

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

One of my favorite museums in New York City as it’s actually on the Intrepid aircraft carrier! It has survived WWII Kamikaze attacks and even a torpedo strike. It even served in the Cold war and the Vietnam war, a lot of history. Containing lots of interesting exhibits including the space shuttle Enterprise which was the NASA prototype orbiter it was an immersive experience and British Airways Concorde. The jets against the backdrop of NYC skyline was something special even on a rainy day. Then adjacent was the submarine Growler. I could have spent all day in here and still have gone back for more. Visiting the Space shuttle was something special.

Ground Zero & 9/11 Museum

Ground Zero was moving – a gaping black hole filling with endless water… Representation of the emptiness left by all the lives lost and affected, the size is daunting and then you walk around the corner you see where the other tower fell, surrounded by skyscrapers, the magnitude hits you. We are invited to touch the many names of the lives lost on the memorial as if to encourage a moment of human connection, and it works. Some had flowers or American flags embedded. We had a few emotional talks with New Yorkers who witnessed it happening, memories are so vivid. I remember watching it unfold on the news from across the ocean. I knew it was a moment that would change the world but didn’t know how, and now when I meet people born post 9/11, I wonder if they even realize this is a new world.

Women’s Rights Rally outside Trump Towers

Walking around Columbus Circle I found myself at the foot of Trump Towers and entwined in a women’ rights rally. The people kept coming, all ages and races, women and men, I noted the many children, young girls with their families. I loved the resistance badges for sale, with titles such as, ‘Impeach Trump’ and ‘I miss Obama’ I don’t think I would see these anywhere else in the world! Also listened to a few pro-Trump supported say their bit, they seemed to insist he is, ‘Making America Great Again’.

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