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New York: Scrap Yard – ‘Letters from Here’ Exhibition by Born

I went to check out the very intimate space – Scrap Yard New York’s longest standing graffiti supplies store at over 26 years old. A great atmosphere with friendly people chillin’ and having a good tme.

Lucky enough to catch the ‘Letters from Here’ exhibition by Born, owner, and founder of ‘EART NYC’ – you can find out more here: https://www.bboy-born.com

I hadn’t seen Born in over six years, the last place we had met was at R16 in South Korea. So this was a nice opportunity for a reunion in the birthplace of Hip Hop and catch up on life and passions. I wanted to find out more about his exhibition and what it was all about.

“This was my first solo show at Scrap Yard NYC, which is a very historical place for the New York graffiti scene. I have been writing “HERE” since I moved here and have many experiences of the New York City graffiti culture. I’m still in the learning process for sure. I want to show people what’s really different between bboying and graffiti from this show. “


“I also wanted to share my letter styles (mostly NYC traditional styles but adding some new flavors) and my canvas artwork at the same time. Having a good time with Crew and friends, you know! It was a great time for sure”


I really enjoyed this exhibition, it said a lot for his journey over the years. There was vibrant use of colors as I’m sure his journey has equally been. I love the style and use of characters. I was reminded that life is all about learning new things everyday and getting out of our comfort zones to experience new things.

Here are some of his other pieces, ‘Here’ and ‘Born’.

This was a really authentic New York experience, a must visit for all art and graffiti lovers!

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