Hip Hop, london, Palestine

Freedom Sounds @ Electric Brixton

Humanity 4 Palestine presents Freedom Sounds (London Edition) Benefit Concert featuring US artists Dead Prez, Havoc of the Infamous Mobb Deep, Mobb Deep DJ L.E.S., Big Noyd as well as the UK’s own Lowkey, DJ Snuff and Palestinian Sensation band 47 Soul! This was a unique event held to benefit various organisations which work directly… Continue reading Freedom Sounds @ Electric Brixton

North America

Silicon Valley – San Francisco, California

San Francisco's largest industry is tourism however it is most famous for its array of start-up tech companies which changed the world as we know it. They have revolutionalized and disrupted industries such as Airbnb changed the concept of how we look at accommodation, Facebook in how we communicate with each other, and Netflix changed… Continue reading Silicon Valley – San Francisco, California