Jordan, Middle East

Travel Tips for Jordan

If you are crossing the border from Israel, be prepared to pay an exit tax which is cheaper if you pay in groups so you could ask to pair up with someone else in the queue like I did.To cross the Jordan Valley and go to Amman (which is approximately a two-hour journey) it is… Continue reading Travel Tips for Jordan

Jordan, Middle East

Jordan: Wadi Rum (Desert Camp)

Wadi Rum is governed by a special branch of tourist police and they do not mess about. I contemplated why they seemed so angry and on edge as they checked my passport and wrote down my details of how long I would be staying in the camp and with whom. I heard their job was… Continue reading Jordan: Wadi Rum (Desert Camp)

Jordan, Middle East

Petra, Jordan

After a four hour coach journey from Amman at 6am I had finally arrived in Petra! World Heritage site and on the bucket list of many people, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I was going to cherish every moment of it. I had not anticipated how big it was, the sheer… Continue reading Petra, Jordan

Jordan, Middle East, Palestine

Amman, Jordan

Crossing from Israel -> West Bank -> into Amman via Jordan Valley was quite an adventure! I needed a visa for entry into Jordan and not sure which border point I needed to cross to obtain one. I met a taxi driver who offered to take me to the 'right' border and even called his… Continue reading Amman, Jordan


Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM 2019

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign annual meeting was held on Saturday 26th January 2019, all 400 seats were filled with members from its local branches across the United Kingdom voting on use of language and actions for the campaign moving forwards.       Dr. Husam Zomlot, the recently appointed Ambassador to Palestine gave a short… Continue reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM 2019


Palestine Lobby 2018 – Houses of Parliament, London

An overview of what was discussed at the Palestine Lobby in the Houses of Parliament and the main agenda points as well as the importance of keeping this on the agenda and speaking out for the millions who do not have a voice. Everyone has the power to influence and we must remember human rights… Continue reading Palestine Lobby 2018 – Houses of Parliament, London


Olive Harvesting is Resistance – Keep Hope Alive 2018

As our world leaders shift towards the right-wing opinion, civilian support for unity and justice continues to grow. The number of advocates meeting in Palestine for the 'Keep Hope Alive' campaign reached an all-time high this year with over 120 volunteers from around the world including the UK, USA, Sweden, Japan, and India just to… Continue reading Olive Harvesting is Resistance – Keep Hope Alive 2018