Hip Hop, North America

The Birthplace of Hip Hop : New York City

It's every Hip Hop fan’s dream is to visit the birthplace of Hip Hop - NEW YORK CITY. After years of waiting for 'the right time' I was finally here. Excited, a friend hooked me up with a seat on the HUSH TOURS which lead me to visit major sites for the creation and the… Continue reading The Birthplace of Hip Hop : New York City

Jordan, Middle East

Petra, Jordan

After a four hour coach journey from Amman at 6am I had finally arrived in Petra! World Heritage site and on the bucket list of many people, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I was going to cherish every moment of it. I had not anticipated how big it was, the sheer… Continue reading Petra, Jordan


Celebrate Palestinian Culture

Keffiyeh Factory in Hebron, the West Bank I was lucky enough to visit the LAST standing keffiyeh factory in Palestine, run by the Herbawi family. Other factories have been destroyed by bombing in Gaza or put out of business due to globalization and the strict laws enforced under the occupation. Classically the keffiyeh can be… Continue reading Celebrate Palestinian Culture