Palestine Expo 2019 in London A Huge Success

The Palestine Expo this weekend in London went ahead as a huge success despite pushback from ‘UK lawyers for Israel’ who tried to get it shutdown citing its support for BDS. Organised by non-profit NGO Friends of Al-Aqsa, internationally renowned speakers were gathered from across the world together with artists, business owners and peace activists’ organisations over several floors and conference rooms in Olympia to … Continue reading Palestine Expo 2019 in London A Huge Success

Resistance in Ramallah, Palestine

Unofficially recognized as the capital of Palestine, Ramallah is a city in central West Bank,  controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) with a population of predominantly Muslim Palestinians. I was aware of this when asked where I would be going by Israeli security, upon entry into Israel, but I still stated ‘Ramallah’, and it wasn’t received very well, there was hostility. I wanted to be … Continue reading Resistance in Ramallah, Palestine